Rock climbing at Crow Hill Tues March 20 2012

rock fall at Practice Face

by Marya Doery

It was a beautiful day, so I decided to go over to Crow Hill to work on my overhang "technique" (which may be described as flail and grab).

I brought my crashpad, of course, and my harness, too, because you never know.

As I climbed up to Practice Face, I saw two pairs of climbers over to the left. Busy! I decided to start by working on some of the blanker, scary parts of Practice Face (nothing overhanging here).

Before beginning, I noticed some fresh rock fall, which was a little disturbing. I think this might have happened over the last couple of weeks. I don't recall seeing this two weeks ago when I led Boardwalk, but maybe I was distracted.

rock fall on Practice Face at Crow Hill

Where some rock hit Practice Face at Crow Hill. That's my crashpad in the background.

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