Rock climbing at Crow Hill Tues March 20 2012

Dave Custer leads Diagonal (5.8+)

by Marya Doery

After failing to make much progress on Practice Face, I moved over to the steeper overhang on Fisherman's Wall, under the route called Diagonal. I practiced traversing this overhang from right to left. Fun! Some spectators arrived, made some friendly commentary, and then left again.

Soon after that, two climbers came over and asked if it was OK if they worked on Diagonal, above me, and I said sure! I stopped my work to watch. Dave Custer led it, belayed by John I-didn't-catch-his-last-name. I had not seen Diagonal led before, and it was impressive; he made it look easy. I took a bunch of photos as he went up. Since I have a hard time deciding which ones were good, I'll publish them all here. You can print them out and make a flip book!

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